Be A “Taker” and Take That Next Promotion

Take That PromotionWe are all looking for opportunities to advance our career and earn more money.  Waiting on that well deserved promotion can be very frustrating.   You cannot control the timing of when a position becomes available.  However, you can make yourself the obvious choice when it does.  Here are 3 ways to be a “taker’ and take that next promotion. 

Take Care of Your Company

Senior leadership searches for talent that will look out for the best interest of the company.  Ensure the daily decisions you make have a positive impact on the organization as a whole.  When facing important decisions reflect on each option and how it will move the organization closer to fulfilling its mission statement.  You will be promoted based on your decision making ability and how you take care of the company.

Take Care of Your Team Leader

When you have an opportunity to be considered for a promotion the person who will have the most influence will be your current team leader.  Make their recommendation a lock by taking care of them.  Your team leader reports to someone. If there is one thing team leaders hate it is surprises.  If there is a potential problem make sure your team leader knows about it first.  Do not let them hear it from the big boss.  Take care of them by ensuring they look good in front of their team leader.

Take Care of Your Team

It is very difficult to earn a promotion without team building skills.  You build a strong team by first earning their trust.  Trust is built over time and through experiences.  When someone on your team makes a mistake use the opportunity to coach and mentor.  When they do a great job make sure to recognize and reward them publicly as well as in private.  Once your team understands you have their best interest at heart they will take care of you and each other.

Usually when we refer to someone as a “taker” we are saying they will use and abuse others in order to get what they want.  In this instance we are taking care of others above ourselves.  A truth of this life is if you want something for yourself then make it happen for someone else.

About Kareem Slater

Kareem Slater is a leadership coach, trainer, & speaker. Founder of The Purple Approach. Helps organizations lead and engage their team by focusing on their Mission Statement and Core Values. Uses his passion to help others grow their leadership skills and accomplish their career goals.

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