Become a Better Leader

What are your career goals? Do they include earning that next promotion to manager, regional manager, vice president, or president? Do you want to be a better leader to your current team. Improving your leadership skills will open the doors of opportunity.

Businessman career concept

Why are leadership skills important? As you climb the corporate ladder the ability to lease an apartment or improve occupancy become less important and your ability to inspire and engage others to accomplish the goals of the organization become more important. Here’s an example. One of the most difficult career moves in property management is moving from a property manager role to a multi-site role like district or regional. Property managers across the industry become frustrated with how difficult it is to earn that promotion to regional manager. Look at the failure rate of regional managers and it easy to understand why VP’s and Directors are skittish. Great regional managers have similar traits. They have a good understanding of property management protocol (which most of us do) but more importantly successful regional managers have great leadership skills. They are great trainers, communicators, team builders, and deal well with conflict resolution.
So if you want to grow your career or be a better leader you must focus on enhancing your leadership skills. The good thing about leadership skills is that they can be learned. You can get better at time management, delegation, conflict resolution, team building, decision making, etc.

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